Subject RE: [IBO] SubSelect as Orderingitem in TIB_Query
Author Kaputnik
When you take a look at the SQL-monitor while opening an ordered dataset
with Fethwholerows set to false, you will see, that a statement SELECT (PK)
FROM Table ORDER BY (COLUMN) is set up to fill the ordered small buffer, and
a larger select with all columns in it with WHERE (PK)=parameter to fill the
larger buffer just in time....
so, IBO will prepare your subselect-statement not really as subselect, but
only a minimalistic select from the base-table, but ordered by the
sub-select column...this will result in a fatal error!

The workaround is simple: Set FetchWholeRows to TRUE !! This way, the
double-buffering will be disabled (really a pity in most cases, this makes
naviagting large results painless) but will enable sorting by the sub-select
ah, and IB/FB will not recognise column-names of sub-selects in the order-by
clause,even if you set them explicit...use the column-number as
ordering-item (attention, the column-numbers are 1-based, not 0-based!!)

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> It doesn't seems do work, to have a subselect column as a orderingitem, or
> am I doing something wrong?
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