Subject Problem with INSERT and CANCEL
Author Chris Hulsey

I have a question and would appreciate any assistance. I have a form that uses TIB_Edit data aware controls. In addition I am using the TIB_DataSource and TIB_Query controls to attach the TIB_Edit controls to my data table. The problem is when I enter this form for the first time and do an INSERT before the user enters information. If the user decides to exit the form without saving or POST then I wish to discard the changes using the CANCEL function. But, it ignores my CANCEL and tries to POST the record with partial information when the form closes. I did not a have this problem with the BDE before I converted over to IBO and this only happens seems to happen when there are NO RECORDS within the table. If I have at least one record within the table I can INSERT and CANCEL with no problems at all.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Chris Hulsey
MIS Department
Visible Changes, Inc.

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