Subject {$I IBA_StringList.IMP } Error
Hi folks,

Downloaded a copy of Ibojects 3.6De, Unzipped it and recomipled the

While compiling got an error in the components unit.

below is an extract of code where the error occured.

Consts, FileCtrl, Registry, uRounding,
IB_Utils, IB_Parse, IB_Schema,
IBD_Login, IBD_CancelQuery;

{$I IBA_StringList.IMP }
{$I IBA_Stream.IMP }
{$I IBA_Session.IMP }
{$I IBA_Component.IMP }
{$I IBA_SchemaCache.IMP }
{$I IBA_DMLCache.IMP }
{$I IBA_Connection.IMP }

I've looked through my directories and couldn't find
IBA_Stringlist.IMP, if i comment it out with '//' then i get the next
line as an error.

where could i get the files ???