Subject IB_PageProducer
Author Nando Dessena
I have just uploaded a first version of my native
IB_DataSetPageProducer; it is very simple but it does what I need right
now, so I thought someone else might find it useful. This includes Jason
if he wants to use it as an IBO add-on.

I have to say a word or two about the fact that I choose not to
implement a TableProducer. I would have had to rewrite 90% of the dbweb
unit, and I don't like the approach taken by Borland's component anyway.
It is a nice RAD tool, but I find it difficult to configure (Dreamweaver
does much better than any property editor at formatting tables,
especially if you like style sheets) and the table settings cannot be
easily saved to a file (you could stream out the whole component, but
this is not the easiest and quickest thing to do).
I need to produce tables, though, so I have decided to add to my
component the capability to output several records and link to other
producer to build master-detail reports (via a special tag). I just have
to prepare several HTML files for each report and keep them off the
compiled exe, which I wasn't able to do with the standard

Comments are welcome.