Subject Re: [IBO] Kylix
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Agree with Carlos, knowing the normal IBO quality it sounds like great
work. One question, though:

>Instead of using a timer on the session to fuel things like automatic
>Transaction OAT management I have designed and implemented an architecture
>hooks you right into the IDLE cpu message notifications from windows. This
>produces much more fluid and efficient handling of background tasks that IBO
>relies upon happening.

What if some of us actually followed the OT here some time ago and allowed to use the idle time of our computers for cancer research? I.e.
low priority processes that "replaces" the System Idle Process. Will this
mess up the entire transaction OAT management?

(Only a theoretical question, isn't in touch with our internal
network - and I've got a separate machine for the internet not using IBO.)