Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Carlos H. Cantu
My $.000002c :

I like very much the Trustware license ! I think many people here in my
country (Brazil) began using IBO because it is trustware and so people can
make money first and after that pay for the product. It really makes a
diference here.

In the other side, I think we have a "concurrent" situation here and need
to set the right transaction isolation :-)... Marathon is very linked to
Interbase/FireBird world, but it is also linked to IBO since it uses IBO as
the access engine.

As FireBird and Interbase(?!) are Open Source products, in one side I think
Marathon should follow the OS path... in the other side, it uses IBO that
is released under trustware, so anyone who wants to join the project will
have to get IBO under trustware (or just buy it). So the trustware would be
implicitly in the project, I mean : if you want to join so you will need

I dont want to see Marathon destiny following the
Borland-strange-way-of-dealing-with-open-source path. Patrick has the
decision to follow one or other way... I think the community opnion will
make a big diference here so I would sugest that everyone interested should
express their opnions before a decision is made, so we'll have more
chance to get the right decision taken.

I dont know if Marathon currently uses any other 3rd party components but
if so I think they need to be replaced by similar Open Source components (if
possible). We cannot have an Open Source project using licensed components.


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