Subject Re: Re[2]: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Jason Wharton
> We cannot have an Open Source project using licensed components.

We *can* have them with Trustware. People will just have to purchase them.
Components add value and most of them have demo versions that should be
adequate to work on stuff with. As long as you aren't directly making money
from those efforts purchasing the tools ough to be optional. I do suggest
reading the fine print on what can be done with demo versions of products.
If in doubt, you can also send an email to the 3rd party provider. My hunch
is that it should be ok in most cases.

Also keep in mind that I reserve the right to declare the Marathon project
CPS sponsored or not. I most likely will no matter what Pat decides to do. I
just hope that whatever he does it is IBO friendly. GPL should be out of the

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ