Subject New IB_Navigation-Action uploaded
I have uploaded a new version of the IB_Navigation-Action. They hehave
now exactly like the IB_NavigationBar.
I have one little problem. When I assign a Button with IB_ActionNext or
IB_ActionPrior and then at runtime click on this button, the cursor
changes for a very short time to crSQLWait. With a IB_NavigationBar this
doesn't happen, but I can't find anything in the IB_Navigation.pas,
where this behaviour is disabled. When someone can tell me, I will
change these.
One last wish. When I press for a longer time on the next-button of the
IB_NavigationBar, the dataset scrolls automaticly down. It would be
great, if someone could tell me, how to implement this behaviour with
the actions.
I will update the IB_Update-Action the next days.