Subject Re: [IBO] Parameters in 5,000,000 words or less
Author Paul Schmidt

On 4 May 2001, at 11:11, Helen Borrie wrote:

> What are the monitor and the debugger showing as the SQL statement?
> Have you run this query through ib_wisql with a constant in the
> clause to check whether the statement actually returns anything? i.e.
> the lack of output may be due to the joins, not the search criteria.
> Have you inspected the dtStart.Date (??variable ??record structure
> field?? can't tell what it is..) before you call the ParamByName()
> method? If it's coming from an editbox input field, it may require
> some manipulation before it can evaluate to a date. (Delphi dates are
> a real headache outside the US...)

I switched to the IBO TDatePick control, and it now works, so maybe
the Delphi control is not as IBO friendly as it should be.... It's
just the IBO TDatePick control is a little big screen wise.....

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