Subject Re: [IBO] Seeing deleted records with CachedUpdates
Author Geoff Worboys
> I enabled CachedUpdates in a IB_Query object and
> I need to walk through deleted records.
> IB Express has a UpdateRecordTypes property
> that allows you to see deleted records. But I can't
> find any equivalent stuff in IBO. Any ideas ?

I dont have any direct help to offer, since I am not familiar with IBX
or CachedUpdates. However...

Do you know if there is an equivalent function/property in standard
VCL TDataset, or is this function/property something peculiar to IBX?
Jason has tended to keep the interface of his components similar
(where functionality is similar) to TDataset. So if the function
exists in TDataset you will normally find it in a similar place. I
could not find anything during my quick look through the VCL or IBO
online help.

I am also curious - why do you need to walk through deleted records?
It seems to me that you dont really want the records deleted, only
flagged/filtered in some way until you are ready for your walk
through - and presumable final deletion.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing