Subject Re: [IBO] Overwrite Domain-EditMask
Author Geoff Worboys
> In my IB_Connection I have defined some EditMask for my
> domains. But for some fields with this domain, I want to
> define a different EditMask, but when I say Field=EditMask,
> it has no effect. It will always the EditMask from the
> domain taken. The FieldEntryTypes of my Connection are
> fetDomainName and fetSQLType.


I cannot seem to reproduce that particular problem here. Are you able
to put a break point in IBA_Statement.IMP, function;


and then trace into the call to GetColAttrTxt.

If you cannot work out what is happening, perhaps you could put
together a demonstration of the problem and send it to me. If you
build the demo application around the Contact.GDB database - from the
contact sample application, which has some domain definitions in it -
then you can save some time and will only need to send me the app and
not the database.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing