Subject Re: [IBO] BCD changes from 3.6cg -> 3.6D breaks ASTA
Author Steve Garland
<<Now they are a non-standard data type - streamed back as a TIBOBDCField,
which basic ASTA chokes on.

To be clear on this, John was coding on the server and by default ASTA will
bring back all the field properties. Since ASTA clients have no knowledge of
TIBODBCField (or ibojects at all) it can of course not instantiate a field
type of that type.

We have seen the same problem with IBExpress and a TIbStringField and have
surfaced an event to allow for these fields to be mapped, on the server to
generic VCL Fields.

We do have an option that doesn't bring back extended field properties that
can be used also.

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