Subject Re: [IBO] BCD changes from 3.6cg -> 3.6D breaks ASTA
Author John Rendell
I was able to patch to 3.6Dd (after finding a resource editor) and it is working now. However, there is a new wrinkle with ASTA that I am still working on.

Before, as you mentioned, decimal(9,2) fields were being returned as floats - a standard data type which maps well with ASTA. Now they are a non-standard data type - streamed back as a TIBOBDCField, which basic ASTA chokes on. I will have to define a custom field type to use this (And Steve has added a method for defining custom datatypes). No big deal, but the changes were not all that well documented (or understood on my part <g>). The initial message was based on 3.6D with no patch (due to the resource error problem).

I am using Dephi 5 with the patch, and am now using IBO 3.6Dd. Client side SQL (pure pass through) works fine, but trying to do server side code makes the change a little challenging (as listed above).

I'll try changing the field attribute to FLOAT for now, but am looking for a plug and play solution (like I had before the BCD change).