Subject Re: [IBO] Grid and LookupCombo - Lokkup popup list width
> The KeyLinks and KeyDescLinks values for the *lookup* dataset should
> operate as...
> Lookup_Table.Field=Main_Table.Field
> I thought DID belonged to the lookup table and so should belong on
> left hand side. Where have we misunderstood each other?

Yes, I think that misunderstanding was here. Sorry. ;)

> Its been a while since I used LookupCombo (I use my own from the
> EnhComponents mostly). Is the popup list restricting itself to the
> width of the grid column? If that is the case then do you want the
> grid column expanded or only the popup list?

Popup list does not restricting itself to the width of the
grid column. It much smaller. I need only popup list to be expanded.

> You should be able to control the popuplist width directly by either
> 1. TIB_LookupCombo.DropDownWidth

Yes, it works. But it is not too convenient - each time manually
select and change width of popup. Its better to do automatically.
May be I need to try another LookupCombo....but it should be the
component compatible with IB.

Thank a lot for advice!