Subject Re[5]: [IBO] IB_Date question
Author Pascal Amesland
Hello Geoff,

Monday, April 30, 2001, 3:52:03 PM, you wrote:

GW> Pascal, I thought you wanted date only? (Which was why I was
GW> surprised to see the previous email complaining about time input.)
GW> If the IB6 DATE type is causing problems when used on IB_Grid please
GW> let us know so that it can be fixed.

GW> Geoff Worboys
GW> Telesis Computing

Yes Geoff, i don't need time info if this case, but it didn't work
with date field as i said before :
(exemple that i get: Exception ISC:335544334
Conversion error from string "12:20:10.0000")
When i replace the date field with a timestamp then it works.
Now i have time info in the database, but ... i have no exception
errors :-)

Best regards,
Pascal mailto:p.amesland@...