Subject Re: [IBO] Grid and LookupCombo - Lokkup popup list width
Author Geoff Worboys
> Its working!
> But I need to change
> KeyLinks =
> to
> KeyLinks =
> in order to avoid error message %))

The KeyLinks and KeyDescLinks values for the *lookup* dataset should
operate as...


I thought DID belonged to the lookup table and so should belong on the
left hand side. Where have we misunderstood each other?

> BTW, why LookupCombo displays so small popup list?
> I mean - my field DEPNAME has CHAR(50), but Combo's
> popup list width is much smaller and displays only 17-18
> characters. Changes to Display Width for DEPNAME not
> helps.

Its been a while since I used LookupCombo (I use my own from the
EnhComponents mostly). Is the popup list restricting itself to the
width of the grid column? If that is the case then do you want the
grid column expanded or only the popup list?

You should be able to control the popuplist width directly by either

1. TIB_LookupCombo.DropDownWidth
2. In the lookup dataset FieldsDisplayWidth set the display width
for the NAME field of that table.

If you want to change the column on the main grid itself you may need
to change the display width of the DEPID column in the main dataset


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing