Subject Re: [IBO] LookupCombo
Author Geoff Worboys
> Yes I dont have BDE installed I do use all IB_Objects controls.
> It is just getting my mind around various controls and their
> intended way of operation I find difficult.

The LookupCombo can be quite confusing since the control itself does
not link to the main dataset - for which you want to lookup a value.
Instead it is the lookup dataset that links to the main dataset - via
the KeySource and KeyLinks entries. All the LookupCombo does is drive
the lookup dataset.

> The combo is connected to the lookup table and is
> showing the list of town to select...what happens next ?

When you select a record, the lookup dataset uses its KeySource
(linking to the main dataset) to assign the fields specified. So if
you have:

LookupDataset.KeyLinks =

When you select a record using the lookupcombo, the lookup dataset
looks at the above entry and assigns the value the Lookup_Table_Field
(from the lookup dataset) to Main_Table_Field (in the dataset attached
via the KeySource).

> (When the user presses the 'check' button the data is
> transferred from the lookup to the main record...but
> this is no different from using non data-aware components).

I dont understand what you are saying here. There is no "check"
button involved, simple selected a record using the lookupcombo and
the lookup dataset should assign the fields specified.

Is any of this helping? Perhaps if you post a cut down version of the
dfm showing what you are using I can be more specific to your

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing