Subject [IBO] Help needed.
Hi list!

This is my first post here, I hope someone
can help me, or give me some directions.
This is a very simple question for you all,
but I'm just starting with IBO.

I have the following situation.

- A table called tb_professional with fields
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and
saturday. all BLOB sub_type 1, 80, and field
like name, address, etc..
- I want that the user inserts at run time,
the professional's schedulle of this
professional in an IB_Memo (is this the best
- There is a IB_Grid, that when a
professional is called by a ComboBox
(usually there is more than one professional
for each clinic), the grid becomes his
This is a medical application to insert all
professional's (doctor) pacients in this

My questions are:
1. Blob is the best option for this? It will
be used in client/server app. Every
professional has diferent timetables, as
08:00, 08:15, 09:00
etc.. etc.. or would it be better to do this
with checkbox (about 96!)?

2. How can I assign the values inserted at
IB_Memo (which is a blob) to the first
column (fixed) of the grid? or should I use

I hope I made myself not too confusing here..

BTW, I have just bought JasonĀ“s IBO Starting
Guide, it helped me a lot.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ricardo Costa
OdontoTech Sistemas