Subject Re: [IBO] Help needed.
Author Daniel Rail
At 26/04/2001 22:19, you wrote:
>Hi list!
>This is my first post here, I hope someone
>can help me, or give me some directions.
>This is a very simple question for you all,
>but I'm just starting with IBO.
>I have the following situation.
>- A table called tb_professional with fields
>monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and
>saturday. all BLOB sub_type 1, 80, and field
>like name, address, etc..
>- I want that the user inserts at run time,
>the professional's schedulle of this
>professional in an IB_Memo (is this the best

The best option is having a seperate table for the hours, especially if
your working with time blocks during the day. We have in the doctors table
the start and end time for each day of the week in the same table, but have
a second table to associate time blocks during the day(i.e. only accept
certain type of appointments for a given time frame for a doctor)

Also, check out the SIMPL scheduler component from Customizable Components
(, this is what we use and the best on the market that
I've seen. Take a look at our software ( to see how we
have it implemented and their support is as good as IBO's.

Just so that you don't get scared when I mentioned doctors, I'm relating to
optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians. Our software is made for
that sector of the medical industry.

Good luck in your project.

Daniel Rail
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