Subject Re: [IBO] Report Builder & IBOPipelineUnit
Author Geoff Worboys
I originally suggested using the package from the AddOn directory
without considering the various package version changes etc. I build
packages almost as often as I build applications (they are a great way
of minimising code) and forget that others are not so familiar.

For small collections, such as the IBOPipeline, you can often just add
the units to an existing package. Alternatively simply create a new
package using the "New..." wizard with Delphi. For IBOPipeline you
need to ensure that the package source contains the following...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


dclRBxxxx is chosen according to the RB version.
For example...
dclRBP55 = RB Pro, v5.5x
dclRBE55 = RB Enterprise v5.5x

IBOxxxx is chosen according to the IBO package that you are using.
For example...
IBO_D5 = IBO for Delphi5

Hopefully it is obvious that, if you are adding the two IBOPipeline
units directly to either the IBO or RB package then you dont need to
add that particular package to the requires clause.

I also hope that everyone will look at the above and understand why no
one has bothered to try and create a package file for every possible
combination. It is just not practical.

The IBOPipelineRegUnit (IBOPipelineRegUnit.pas file) can be found in
the IBOPipeline zip file in the IBO addon directory. The latest
IBOPipelineUnit (IBOPipelineUnit.pas file) can be found in the Yahoo
groups files section. Perhaps I will eventually get around to putting
the two files back together somewhere - or someone else can.

> 2. The IBOPipeline.ZIP file included with IBO 3.6D is dated 9
> September 1999 and its IBOPipelineUnit.PAS has the same date.

The only file from that zip that you actually need (unless you want to
update the package source from that zip according to the instructions
above) is the IBOPipelineRegUnit.pas file - which has not changed. It
simply contains the designtime registration requirements for the

> Are these comments acccurate for the latest IBOPipelineunit.PAS?

AFAIK the latest version of the pipeline works fine at designtime.
There were some problems with the previous version where recursive
calls would cause a stack overflow resulting an abort of Delphi.

> 3. Would anyone else like to join me in suggesting to Digital-
> Metaphors they assume responsibility for an IBOPipeline as they
> are the natural owners of this code?

Feel free to try. I am gradually parting ways with RBuilder, so I
dont care much who takes responsibility for the pipeline (as long as
its not me :-).


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing