Subject Report Builder & IBOPipelineUnit
Author staff
Hello team IBO

I have used Report Builder extensively with Paradox/BDE and am about to try
to use Report Builder Enterprise (5.56) with IBObjects and am wondering
about some issues. Any comments from persons using RB and IBO would be

The latest IBOPipelineUnit.PAS from the IBO download page on Yahoo is dated
4 April 2001.
The latest install of IBObjects is 3.6D of 24 March 2001.

1. Geoff Worboys wrote on 4 April 2001

For those that dont know: The IBOPipeline allows you to use TIB_Query
and TIB_DataSource with Report Builder. Simply use the IBOPipeline
package that comes in the AddOn directory of IBO but replace the
IBOPipeline_Unit.pas file with the one posted to the yahoogroups files
The IBOPipeline package in the AddOn directory uses dclRBP43 which is for an
older RBRPro version. I substituted dclRBE55. Then trying to install the
IBOPipeline package I got error message "Cannot load package 'IB_Objects'.
It contains unit 'IB_ActionUpdate' which is also contained in package
'IBO_D5'. I am not familiar enough with packages to want to track down the
error. Any suggestions?

2. The IBOPipeline.ZIP file included with IBO 3.6D is dated 9 September 1999
and its IBOPipelineUnit.PAS has the same date. Can anyone confirm the latest
pipeline unit works with the Sept 99 ZIP file contents (assuming you have
managed to install it)?

2. In mid February 2001 Helmut Steinberger wrote
Reportbuilder is a very good choice. I use it in combination with IBO
and it works very well.
First I used it with the TDataset derived Components of IBO.
Since a few days, I use the IBOPipeline. Now it works, but it was a
hard job to change to the IBOPipeline, because the IBOPipeline is very
buggy. At designetime there are some cases to get the whole system
hang and even get the PC rebooted.
Now I decided to avoid placing IBOPipeline components on the form at
designtime. I create them at runtime, where ever I use them.
Are these comments acccurate for the latest IBOPipelineunit.PAS?

3. Would anyone else like to join me in suggesting to Digital-Metaphors they
assume responsibility for an IBOPipeline as they are the natural owners of
this code? (with appreciation expressed to the IBO team members who have
developed the IBOPipeline!) Is this a helpful suggestion?

Comments appreciated.

Russell Belding