Subject Post or Cancel when moving record through TIB_NavigationBar
Author fxam

I put a IB_NavigationBar, some master fields,
and a child grid on a form.
The DataSource of NavigationBar is the MasterQuery,

In BeforeEdit, BeforeDelete and BeforeInsert events of the
child query, I put MasterQuery.Edit, to put the master table
into edit mode whenever the child changes.

Here's the problem:
Whenever I edit the child records, the master record will
be in Edit mode, even though I haven't touched any of the
master fields. After that, I try to move the record by
clicking one of the navigation buttons, but the navigation
component calls Cancel instead of Post.

Am I missing something or this is the behavior of NavigationBar,
that if nothing has changed, it will call Cancel even though
the query is in edit mode ?
If so, how to force NavigationBar to call Post ?