Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advertising
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Jason wrote:
>Is there anyone on this list as a result of seeing advertisements for IBO?
>Have you noticed any ads for IBO and were they influential in your decision
>to check into using it?

No, only Aage telling me to use it. The closest I've come to see an ad, was
some information about you going to Germany on ;o}

>If you can think of a place you would like to see it, let me know also.

I guess you could get a bit of free, anonymous advertising by simply asking
us to add some in "Help, About" of the programs we write (well, most of my
programs are so simple that I don't use a menu at all and only used
internally here at the Cancer Registry, so they wouldn't benefit you much).
Please tell us the wording you want - or even better - make a component
that displays a form similar to the About... button of IB_WISQL.

And Hans wrote:
>Is it possible to plant some fancy looking downloadable test (complete,
>no source code), which show off the IBO versus ODBC / IBX in speed and
>elegance. Speed seems to be question one.

I've written a simple program (the only module is 143 lines in Delphi,
everything included) that lets you copy the contents of selected tables of
a source database to the corresponding tables of a target database (the
target database must be specified, and all fields of all selected tables
must be defined in the tables of the target database). It is not fancy,
does no comparison with ODBC/IBX, but is reasonably fast if run on the
server (I think it transferred 4000-8000 records a second for short
records). It isn't specifically tuned for speed (should have used a
TIB_DSQL rather than a TIB_Cursor for the insert query and I guess
AsVariant isn't the quickest way to reference fields (but it was very quick
to write ;=)), but is nice and simple to use (all you need is the program,
two similar databases with tables in both and data in one of the
databases). I guess I could translate this program to English (I've heard
rumours that not all of you speak Norwegian) and make it available (just
need to get Aage's permission) or send it to Jason or whoever for
tuning/advertising if it is of interest.