Subject Assigning IB_Connection at runtime
Author Andreas Pohl
There is a SDI app with an IB_connection that is connected to IB_*
components at design time as usual. Now I want to include this "SDI" form
into my main MDI app by using same code (Both app should coexist). This is
no problem as long as I use IB_connection from "SDI" form. But in MDI app
there is already an IB_connection established.

How do I reassign IB_connection at runtime without running through all
IB_comp. (In fact there are more forms calling at runtime and placed into
"SDI" form so I've to reassign it over and over)

I think IB_ConnectionSource is right starting point but I have no clue how
to start. Is there anybody already done this?

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl