Subject Re: [IBO] Pass Connection to API DLL using UDF
Author Jason Wharton
You are not going to be able to use an existing connection. It isn't
possible to synchronize between a client somewhere else and a UDF on the

What you can potentially do is develop a DLL that acts like an ISAPI module.
It has pooled connections waiting so that when the UDF is called it makes
use of an existing connection. Have it designed to automatically keep a
certain number of sessions and time others out. You may also want to cycle
them somewhat too.

This is just a wild idea. I have never tried anything like it but hopefully
the concept will make sense.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Pass Connection to API DLL using UDF

> I call a Stored Procedure that executes some functions through a UDF
> inteface. The problem is that the bulk of the time to execute my API
> function is spent on the isc_attach_database function. The reason that I
> have to do this in the API is because I have columns that contain ARRAYS
> that need to be updated. This of course is not a problem for IBO when
> developing in C++ Builder client side desktop software, but I also have
> online users that access the same database using there respective Internet
> browsers and unfortunately I had to develop my web interface using
> VBScript/JavaScript/Visual Interdev("I'm Sorry for that one!) so IBO was
> available for these tools to solve my ARRAY problems? Thus the only
> alternative was to create a stored procedure that called a UDF contained
> a DLL full of API functions. Everything works fine it is just that the
> performance is not want it could be due to the connection overhead?
> Chris Hulsey
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