Subject Re: [IBO] Pass Connection to API DLL using UDF
Author Chris Hulsey
I call a Stored Procedure that executes some functions through a UDF
inteface. The problem is that the bulk of the time to execute my API
function is spent on the isc_attach_database function. The reason that I
have to do this in the API is because I have columns that contain ARRAYS
that need to be updated. This of course is not a problem for IBO when
developing in C++ Builder client side desktop software, but I also have
online users that access the same database using there respective Internet
browsers and unfortunately I had to develop my web interface using
VBScript/JavaScript/Visual Interdev("I'm Sorry for that one!) so IBO was not
available for these tools to solve my ARRAY problems? Thus the only
alternative was to create a stored procedure that called a UDF contained in
a DLL full of API functions. Everything works fine it is just that the
performance is not want it could be due to the connection overhead?

Chris Hulsey
Visible Changes, Inc.