Subject RE: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?: Kaputnik
Author Kaputnik
If you access IB properly, you will actually be faster than with Foxpro...
especially joins, MD-relationships and lookups will fly in IB whereas foxpro
will die under your fingers building complex analytical apps or reports
based on several tables....

Also, IB has its advantages for local apps in other areas :
Increased security of your data (not access security, but crash-security)
possibility of backups

One very hint to you for your problem, perhaps:
You speak of opening and closing a data-set 35000 times...
while i do not know, why anybody will want to do that, here a suggestion:
if you are needing these 35k rows for master-detail-things, simply create a
master-detail-relationship and let handle IBO the fetching of the needed
if you need these records for anything different, use a parametrized query,
prepare it once, hold it prepared, and simply fill the parameter needed (the
porimary key?) 35k times while leaving the query prepared.....this will
actually boost the performance...

these two tips are only shots in the dark, and for anything better, we need
more information abotu what the programmer was actually doing (or thinking
to do)

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> Nick:
> That was a great answer, thanks!
> And you're right, it has been taking me a while to get over the habit of
> thinking in terms of local hard disk based tables as in FoxPro. With IB
> everything is returned as a "cursor" as we called it in FoxPro.
> As we progress in this project I will definitely be asking the IB
> community
> about specifics.
> Right now, do you have any suggestions as to where I could go to
> learn more
> basic information about optimizing IB? Remember we are using IB on a local
> system only (and I keep wanting to think of it as a FoxPro-like
> database, which
> it isn't.)
> Thanks again,
> Chuck Belanger
> p.s. I guess the real question is why did the original programmer
> use IB for
> local data, when it may have been faster to use dBase or Paradox?
> BTW, I have no
> idea!
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