Subject Re: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>The particular procedure that I'm commenting on, did a query with a one
>record result set at least 35K times (it was moving up a child-parent
>structure, as in tree-view, not child-parent as in table relationships.

Opening and closing a query 35 000 times within one procedure? Yes, that
should be time consuming. When you get it all over to IBO (I guess you will
following all the replies, and Jason has put some effort in making the
transfer from the BDE to the dataset compatible components of IBO pretty
straight forward - shouldn't take you long), be sure to prepare the query
before entering your loop and call BeginBusy as well. And try to think
through what you're actually doing, to see if it can be optimized. Although
fetching 35 000 records in one query isn't optimal (and could take you 5-10
seconds, I guess), it is far better than opening a query 35 000 times. And
you would want to connect your query to an IB_Transaction (or something
similar, I'm not all too much into the dataset compatible strain of IBO)
and commit it once your loop is finished (you don't want to commit at the
end of each record).

By the way, be aware that if your computer has several processors and you
run Windows NT (don't know about other Windows platforms), IB will be very
slow unless you use IBAffinity to restrict IB to use only one processor.