Subject Re: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?
Author Daniel Rail
At 18/04/2001 06:17, you wrote:
>Thanks for your reply.
>I believe I understand optimizing queries, but since coming from FoxPro
>where do I find out more information about creating triggers and stored

Download the beta documentation set found at
The documentation are all PDF files. You'll find a good reference in the
"Language Reference" and the "Embedded SQL Guide". Just to let you know
that if you plan to print them, they are between 300-450 pages each.

>Also, as I've pointed out this is strictly local data. Does that make a
>difference to my question?

Yes it can make a difference. When Interbase can perform certain tasks, it
doesn't need to communicate with the application and the task is performed
internally. I noticed an improvement by doing so. I develop my
applications on one computer and Interbase is running on that computer as
well. I've been improving performance of my application, which I
transferred from Paradox to IB, by starting to use the triggers, stored
procedures, views and using the UPDATE statement for general modifications
in a table. It's still a work in progress for me since it's not a small
application, I use approximately 105 tables and some of these tables do
grow over 100,000 records and the application is running quick even over a

Hope this helps in making your decision.

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