Subject Re: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?
Author hannes hernler
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Von: Chuck Belanger <phytotech@...>

>Thanks, and my point to ...
>But, again my question. how much difference does it make having the BDE
>between my program and Interbase and direct access to IB via IBO? Is it
>a re-write to include these?

yes it´s worth to rewrite!
I have done it in 3 projects! one is a managment system for a local
kindergarden agency. they have 10 offices and very old PCs.
it is possible to select complex joins with IB and IBO on a Pentium 75
with 16MB RAM in normal time (not real time though :-()
I couldn´t do this with BDE.

performance gain: depends on your style, but my IBO seems to be
a 20 times (and more) faster than BDE, especially when not many resources.