Subject RE: [IBO] ANN: TIB_SynMemo ready for download
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Frank Ingermann [mailto:frank.ingermann@...]
> Sent: Viernes 13 de Abril de 2001 9:25
> i just uploaded to the Files section. Below is a
> 1:1 quote
> of the ReleaseNotes.TXT in the .zip.
> This package contains TIB_SynMemo, an adaption of the TSynEdit
> open source editor control for the "IBO native" strain of
> components (TIB_*, not TIBO*) in Delphi 5. Current version is
> 1.000 (iow it's the first public release, so there may still be
> some bugs - but it works perfectly for my needs, so it may work
> for you, too.)

Sorry for jumping off-topic, but I need to ask something: is SynEdit a
reliable highlighting editor? The reason I ask is that I understood that
"IBConsolation" was using SynEdit, too and short after I used some IB syntax
that included a quoted field with an embedded quote, the IBConsole editor
puked (okay, not very polited word) and I observed the following:

expcted colors in text before problem
conflicting identifier, ex: "a quote "" inside"
all the rest of the script in blue

If you put a space between the two inner quotes, the editor is happy but IB
will complain, because here "" is a scape sequence, you change the meaning
if you put such a blank in the middle.