Subject Re: [IBO] Problem installing EnhComponents
> > This time it plain refuses to compile (I am using latest
> > version of IBO and BCB Pro 5 with Update Pack 1).
> I dont use BCB5 yet (still on BCB4). The errors you report seem to
> indicate a path problem. Check your package directory options against
> a different (working) package and see what differences appear.
> I cant think of any other reason for the sort of problem you describe,
> perhaps someone else using BCB5 will have a suggestion.

I have just built a clean copy containing everything with only the usual

I extracted all the files to $(BCB)\Projects\IBOEnh

<File> -> <New> -> <Package>

<Save As> IBOEnh

Highlight Containes and <Add> ( I selected all .pas modules in \IBOEnh )

I then went to <Options> and added $(BCB)\Projects\IBO to both Include and
Library paths ( This is the location of my copy of IBO )

I also selected Required in the Package and Added the IBO.bpi ( I always
rename mine so it is IBO36D_C5 )

This should then compile, but the problem with Builder 5 is that it can not
use Design Time packages in a runtime module so we need to amend the Option
Source to allow it to see the Design Time modules.

<Project> -> <Edit Option Source>

need to add

to the PFLAGS line so we have

<PFLAGS value="-$YD -$W -$O- -v -JPHNE -LUDcldb50 -M"/>

Do a <Save All> and compile, and you should have a clean package.

( Geoff - do you want a copy of the bpk, fixed for IBO_C5 ? )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services