Subject Re: [IBO] RBuilder and IBOPipeline
Author Geoff Worboys
Mike Combellack wrote:
> However, the latest download from Digital Metaphors
> (about a month ago) indicated this had been a problem
> and the update did indeed fix it. There is no need to
> enter anything in the MasterDataPipeline settings.

I was using 5.54 when I noticed the problem so installed 5.55 when I
saw a reference to master/detail problems being fixed. It appears to
me that not only is there no *need* to provide MasterDataPipeline
settings, it seems that you should NOT provide them since it does
indeed impact the processing of the report.

Kevin Stanton wrote:
> Wish I could help Geoff, but I'm not even up to 5.5 yet.
> I have a huge app w/ a lot of reports, customized forms
> stored in the database, etc. and I haven't taken the time
> to upgrade to 5.5 - paranoia I guess. I might look at
> upgrading this weekend.
> I have never used the MasterDataPipeline property ever.

5.5 has been a real pain! I've spent a lot of time swearing under my
breath at DM for introducing such major changes in a minor release.
Be sure you leave yourself plenty of time for testing if you intend to

Thanks to all for your comments.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing