Subject Re: [IBO] Master/Detail with readonly master
Author Harald Klomann
T.Stamm@... wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using an IB_Query as master and an second IB_Query as detail.
> Anything works fine. Now I'm using an IB_Grid to Display the Master an
> an second to Display the Detail. The Display is correct.
> But if i have more Detailrecord than grid lines an i try to scroll the
> grid, i get an exception E_DatasetCannotScroll.
> As I see it is because me Master is readonly. But why it is so? Is
> this a bug?
> An suggestions are welcome
> regards
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Master/Detail should work without problems if you have setup it right,
even with master set to read only.

Detail Settings:
Sql should be : select anything from table [for update]
KeyLinks : your unique key(s) to identify the row
MasterLinks : eg. detail.key=master.key
MasterSource : your masters DataSource