Subject Re: [IBO] About FastReport
> How I can used FastReport with TIB_* components.

Very easily! but you need a registered copy of FastRport.

FastReport uses it's own 'DataSource' TfrDBDataSet to access information from
the main application. Having got a compiled version of the IBO package, you
compile the FR package with it's include file modified for IBO, and include
the IBO package in the 'required' list for FR package. The result is a copy
of TfrDBDataSet that links to both TIB_DataSource and also direct to
TIB_Query or TIB_Cursor.

You can then either build the report data in a query and just print it, or
hook to the existing tables, and process it in FastReport. Both work well,
and not a BDE in sight!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services