Subject Re: [IBO] Tables versus Querys
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Carlos!

The main reason not to use tables, is that Interbase is a client/server
database, and not a desktop database. You have to change the way you think:
Your data is no longer residing on your local PC and transporting them to
you takes time. Hence, you only transfer what you actually need. Besides,
c/s databases may grow much larger than most desktop dbs, and transferring
them all simply isn't feasible.

I recommend that you use TIBOTables only for very small tables (<100
records, albeit I don't think you get any trouble with a bit larger ones),
and start getting used to thinking in queries. Users normally aren't
interested in many records at a time (there is a limit as to how many they
can actually read), and calculations can be done on the server.

I think Jason has done a good job in implementing TIBOTable, so you're
unlikely to fall into other pitfalls than taking a desktop mindset into the
c/s world. Speed and memory resources should be OK if used correctly. I
think most of us prefer to use the native components because it automates
so much that we don't have to code very much, but if you need to use
components not compatible with the native branch, use TIBOQuery.