Subject Re: [IBO] Readonly columns in grid
Author Harald Klomann
Rik wrote:
> Hello,
> how can I set certain columns readonly in a TIB_Grid without setting the
> readonly property in the field properties of the query.
> (because the user can change the values outside the grid)
> thanks


AFAK, there is no way to set this up in the controls, but coding this anyhow.
But it is possible, to setup your select statement so, that you get your column(s)
one for edit and one for readonly.

Select t.*, Col_X as MyColReadOnly1, Col_Y as MyColReadOnly2 ..
from t

Now set those read only columns to ReadOnly, and the others to
visible=false, so the donĀ“t occur in the grid.

A little bit overkill, but easy and works !