Subject Re: [IBO] Dataset.ReadOnly
I will have a look into. I'm just wondering, that I'm the first one, who
doesn't like the behaviour of the IBO-Controls regarding readonly-Datasets. I
don't think, it is a good idea, to show the user a list of items in a
IB_LookupCombo, when he doesn't have the possiblity to select one.


Geoff Worboys wrote:

> > So it seems, that I have to write my own controls derived
> > from the IB-Standardcontrols. Any idea, what and where I
> > have to change the code, so that for example the IB_Edit
> > and the IB_LookupCombo will hide their buttons,
> > when the datasource is readonly ?
> IB_Edit (and therefore IB_Date) have their button defined in code in
> IBC_Edit.IMP.
> IB_LookupCombo uses a specially derived and embedded button component,
> defined in IBG_LookupCombo.IMP.
> You may need to ask Jason to make a few of the functions virtual or
> dynamic to allow the derivations you will want.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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