Subject Re: [IBO] Dataset.ReadOnly
Author Geoff Worboys
> In my app some users have only ReadOnly-Rights and therefore
> I set the IB_Queries to ReadOnly. Now I have the problem,
> that the IB_Date shows further the button and when the user
> clicks on the button, the calender appears. Same problem
> with IB_LookupCombos. How can I disable the button, when
> the dataset is readonly ?

The important thing is whether the dropdowns will operate. As long as
you cannot edit the field using the dropdowns it should not matter too
much whether the buttons are enabled or not - does it?

AFAIK the only way you can disable the buttons on these controls is to
disable the controls.

You could try the controls from the EnhComponent set, they attempt to
have their buttons disabled when readonly (and when
autoedit/autoinsert is not set). The problem being that they are
different to the standard controls and so may spoil the consistency of
your application.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing