Subject Re: [IBO] Dataset.ReadOnly
So it seems, that I have to write my own controls derived from the
IB-Standardcontrols. Any idea, what and where I have to change the code, so
that for example the IB_Edit and the IB_LookupCombo will hide their buttons,
when the datasource is readonly ?


Geoff Worboys wrote:

> > In my app some users have only ReadOnly-Rights and therefore
> > I set the IB_Queries to ReadOnly. Now I have the problem,
> > that the IB_Date shows further the button and when the user
> > clicks on the button, the calender appears. Same problem
> > with IB_LookupCombos. How can I disable the button, when
> > the dataset is readonly ?
> The important thing is whether the dropdowns will operate. As long as
> you cannot edit the field using the dropdowns it should not matter too
> much whether the buttons are enabled or not - does it?
> AFAIK the only way you can disable the buttons on these controls is to
> disable the controls.
> You could try the controls from the EnhComponent set, they attempt to
> have their buttons disabled when readonly (and when
> autoedit/autoinsert is not set). The problem being that they are
> different to the standard controls and so may spoil the consistency of
> your application.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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