Subject Re: [IBO] What prefix notation do you use?
Author Brian Nuckels
I usually use a form of Hungarian notation, left over back from my days
working with VB, where it seems to be used religiously. But I only really
use it with components. I find object-oriented apps tend to be more
self-documenting for variable and object naming than VB apps were. So
anyway, I use a 3 or 2 character notation like:

qry for TIB_Query
ds for Datasource
sql for TIB_DSQL
cur for TIB_Cursor
trn for TIB_Transaction
sp for TIB_StoredProc

So I try to use 3 characters unless a 3 character abbreviation doesn't make
sense, as in Stored Procedure.

At 10:32 AM 4/4/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi, I'm usually add a prefix to components that remembers to me the
>type of the component itself (i.e. la for TLabels, ed fot TEdit,
>etc.). Using a 2 char prefix is becoming a nightmare as far as my
>palette has too many component to prefix! :)
>With IB_ components, and with components in general, do you have a
>prefix notation "standard" or clever to suggest to me?
>In particular, do you have distinction in query depending of their
>porpouse? (i.e. normal query, a query used for lookups, or for
>different porpouse...)