Subject RE: [IBO] What prefix notation do you use?
Author Nico Callewaert

For a query, I always use 'qr', like qrDealer, for datasource ds,
like 'dsDealer'.

Nico Callewaert

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Verzonden: woensdag 4 april 2001 12:33
Onderwerp: [IBO] What prefix notation do you use?

Hi, I'm usually add a prefix to components that remembers to me the
type of the component itself (i.e. la for TLabels, ed fot TEdit,
etc.). Using a 2 char prefix is becoming a nightmare as far as my
palette has too many component to prefix! :)
With IB_ components, and with components in general, do you have a
prefix notation "standard" or clever to suggest to me?
In particular, do you have distinction in query depending of their
porpouse? (i.e. normal query, a query used for lookups, or for
different porpouse...)
Marco Menardi

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