Subject Re: [IBO] problem with the Evil BDE
Author Lucas Franzen
Helen Borrie schrieb:
> Nothing in IBO relies on the BDE. The Aliasname property can be used for creating the connection string by reading the idapi.cfg file (or maybe it's a Registry entry) IF the BDE exists on the system. If there is no BDE on the system then it doesn't do anything. It is NOT required and IMO should be avoided because it causes more grief than joy.


I disagree partially.
I had an app that WAS NOT RUNNING on a computer where the BDE wasn't
When removing the ALIASNAME property everything ran well again.

So, when this property just is causing the idapi32.cfg (or registry) to
be read why wasn't it possible to connect to the database as long as
this property wasn't cleared?

There was NO "understandable" error, just that the database couldn't be
opened (can't append to... or some weird message like this).

But I agree that it should be avoided.