Subject Re: [IBO] problem with the Evil BDE
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:42 AM 03-04-01 -0400, you wrote:
>Yes there were an entry, and looking at the help desc does talk about the
>BDE. I will have this retested ASAP but this sound like it could have been
>the problem.
>An error message would be appreciated if this single property make the app
>rely on BDE.

Nothing in IBO relies on the BDE. The Aliasname property can be used for creating the connection string by reading the idapi.cfg file (or maybe it's a Registry entry) IF the BDE exists on the system. If there is no BDE on the system then it doesn't do anything. It is NOT required and IMO should be avoided because it causes more grief than joy.

From the IBO Help file:

This property provides the ability to use a BDE Alias for the database connection string and other limited values.
Applies to
Property AliasName : string Read FAliasName Write SetAliasName;

The only items that are considered right now are the following parameters:

BDE_SERVER_NAME - for the complete connection path to the database.
BDE_USER_NAME - for the username used to connect to the database.
BDE_PASSWORD - for the password to be used.
BDE_ROLE_NAME - for the SQL ROLE that is to be used to connect.


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