Subject RE: [IBO] Large Blob Insertion
Author Brian Dunstan

> Then don't use a data aware contro for DML. Stream a
> TMemo.Lines or TRichEdit.Lines into the TIB_Blobfield of a
> TIB_DSQL for your inserts and updates.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it is the OLE support of TwwDBRichEdit that I
want. Using this control the user can insert graphics or Word documents or
whatever right into the RTF. There is even a corresponding QuickReports
component that allows it all to be printed. And it all works fine until the
user decides to insert an object that is several meg in size...

As far as I know, the other controls you mention don't support OLE.

Just as a test, I did try using a TIB_DSQL to write the contents of the
TwwDBRichEdit, which worked, but it didn't appear to be much (if any)

Thanks for your thoughts Helen,