Subject Re: [IBO] problem with the Evil BDE
Author Lucas Franzen
Marc Leclerc schrieb:
> Hi,
> My app was running fine on my tester pc until he scrapped the BDE, I have nowhere found in my app any reference to BDE, have not used any VCL data control, looked at all the uses clauses.
> As anyone faced this before, it is hard to debug on my system as if I remove the BDE, well delphi may not like this verry much. Funny also is that the connection fails without any error message at all. Just an empty display or login that don't work (if loginprompt = true).

Hello Marc,

Have a look at your IBConnection.
Is there anything entered in the ALIASNAME property?

If so, remove it and your app will run fine.
If there's an alias entered (BDE-Alias) IBO will try to fetch some
Unfortunately if the BDE isn't installed your app won't run anymore and
you get errors like: "Can't append to file ...." or sth. like that.

I'm not sure what this property is really good for, but we encountered a
problem with it and it took us pretty lots of time to find the error
(and of course noone remembered ever having entered something in