Subject Re: [IBO] Netscrape - was DataModule question
Author Paul Schmidt

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Subject: Re: [IBO] DataModule question

> > How do you find Navigator 6, I heard it was just as buggy as ... naw
> > could any browser be as buggy as Internet Exploder?
> Sorry Paul - now I've spotted the third Nescape 6 bug.
> 3/ <Reply> does not use the Reply to: address, so I have sent two
> eMails direct to Paul.

This might actually be my fault, Pegasus dumps all of the addresses
in the To: line, and I pick the ones I want, this is a setting, that
I set up on it, because some programs (Outlook) don't always set the
Reply-To address properly. On this one, I took out your email
address, and just left the group. This is because I hate getting
multiple copies of the same message, but sometimes I forget to select
the right address, and multiple copies go out.

> I've had a go switching back, but I loose a block of eMails because N6
> and N4.76 are just not compatible so now I am stuffed.

Look at the export possibilities, some programs will let you export
the message in text format, then you can import it back from text
into another programs format.

> To reiterate the other two problems, both with eMail.
> 1/ You can no longer select a group of files in the attach pop-up, you
> have to select them one at a time. ( I regularly have a set of files
> to send to customers and am used to <Ctrl> working )

Gee, haven't you ever heard of compression? If I am sending someone
a bunch of files, I use a compression program, then make sure the
client has a program that can decompress them. I usually use one of
the free ones, then either give the client a copy, or make a self-
extracting .exe

> 2/ You can't get attachments from anywhere other than the local
> machine. A real bummer since my master file set is on the server, and
> 4.76 had no problems.
> Still it did not cause any problems when the virus eMails were thrown
> at it!

This is why I use Pegasus, it doesn't run Outlook programs either.
Actually the feature I like best, Pegasus allows me to drop the
connection in the middle of a reply. Sometimes I think I will make a
short reply, but it gets longer, or I get interupted, and since I
don't want to block the line for too long, I can hit the off-line
option, and drop the connection.

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