Subject Re: [IBO] Netscape 6 - Not yet!
> Why?
> I tested N6 twice (the second time since I forgot how terrible N6 was).
> But I had no problem copying the mail folders back to N4.76 and continue
> using them.

I'm back on 4.76 again - problem seems to have been the .msf files. I've
deleted them all and can now get back into eMail.

The only reason I was trying a change was because UKBUG web site was causing
a problem, and they suggested 6 was fine ( not a chance ! ) .

The tenuous link to IBO is that I was looking at UKBUG to see cost of
joining up so that could add it to the cost of going to DCON to listen
Jason's papers. Jason - please can we have an electronic copy, the
peripheral costs of going in person are adding up !

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services