Subject Re: [IBO] Netscrape - was DataModule question
> > 1/ You can no longer select a group of files in the attach pop-up, you
> > have to select them one at a time. ( I regularly have a set of files
> > to send to customers and am used to <Ctrl> working )
> Gee, haven't you ever heard of compression? If I am sending someone
> a bunch of files, I use a compression program, then make sure the
> client has a program that can decompress them. I usually use one of
> the free ones, then either give the client a copy, or make a self-
> extracting .exe

The set of files are compressed - but I don't compress them into one file.
The customer gets a, a ( with the source code in
case I forget it when going to site ), Notes-xxx.html and any other extra
bits in a zip. The customer then just saves the files, expands the Exe, and
reads the notes and I get free off-site backup of the source without
bothering the customer too much. The set of files are also then stored on the
mail server as a further backup. It has worked well - until Netscape decided
that we don't need it.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services