Subject Re: [IBO] Numeric(10,2) from Domain gives TIBOBCDfield in Delphi!?
Author Jason Wharton
> Yes, this was fixed but has resurfaced... a dratted nuisance and time
> waster. :-) I have brute-force patched the source for my purposes while
> try to figure out why the code is there.

May I please clarify whether or not you are using persistent field
definitions? If you were, IBO should not be complaining about anything. It
will allow you to use the float or BCD field with NUMERIC and DECIMAL.

The only thing that has been changed is that if you are specifying decimal
precision to a fixed number of places 4 or less then your value is better
mapped to the currency data type instead of a floating point data type. By
using the BCD field type the VCL maps and handles it using the currency
datatype. This will avoid the very pesky rounding anomalies that so many of
us have struggled with in the past.

Now that we have dialect 3 64 bit integer support it is more important that
I map the client value through an integer based storage. Before it was
floats on the server and so I didn't care much to make it anything other
than floats on the client too.

This also stems from having troubles dealing with the BCD field type. In
Delphi 5 code has been introduced that allows things to work much better
than they have in the past where BCD columns are concerned. The BCD stuff
used to be hard-wired to the BDE but now they have made it separate so that
IBO can make use of it.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ